JUNE 27, 2021, UPDATES

From April 29, 2021, Kathmandu returned to lockdown, very tight during the first two weeks, then gradually less severe, but no less problematic. Almost two months later, it is still not possible to make any prediction and only a few activities have started again, at least partially.

However, we did not stand still, because our CampoBase was created specifically to offer a safe haven and not to leave anyone in difficulty. Thanks to Netra Upadhaya, principal of the Himali Boarding School and Project Manager on CampoBases’s Kindergarten, and the precious help of his collaborators, we were able to contact the families of the Kindergarten children in more critical situations and to provide them with a food package and a small financial support to face the emergency.

In this moment of particular difficulty linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, and thanks to all of you supporting us with great enthusiasm, we were also able to provide the students of Creative Nepal for their daily needs.

Creative Nepal is a Nepalese social organization that deals with children in need.
Thanks to the help of international associations and sponsors, CN follows the children who have come out of the orphanage, supporting them in their studies, finding a job and leading personal growth and integration, providing them with the tools to become responsible and active citizens.

Although in Nepal the restrictive measures for the containment of the Covid19 pandemic are gradually loosening, to date our Kindergarten must still remain closed.
We therefore decided to move again in support of families in difficulty belonging to our Kindergarten with food packages.
This protracted lockdown is depriving large numbers of people of the possibility of a dignified “survival”.
Helping families right now means indirectly taking care of the children who live there.
All this is made possible by your invaluable help.   Thank you.