CampoBase, Cocina Mitho Chha
Barista Trainings

May - June 2022

During 2022, CampoBase and Cocina Mitho Chha (CMC) signed an agreement that provided for the sponsorship of 10 Barista Trainings imagining – as our Statute – to be able to offer this opportunity especially to girls.

We had the opportunity and the pleasure to meet them (6 of them, in the photos above), talk with them and find out that everyone has already found a job at the end of the course, some continuously, others occasionally.

We have therefore decided to finance another 10 scholarships for as many future baristas, who will attend the next Barista Training. They will start next September, in time for the peak of the tourist season, which is usually between October and early December.

December 2021 - january 2022


For this 2022, CampoBase and Cocina Mitho Chha (CMC) have signed an
agreement that will provide for the sponsorship of 8 Barista Trainings,
imagining as per our Statute to be able to offer this opportunity especially
to girls.
Cocina Mitho Chha is a Nepalese organization that deals with specific training
related to catering and is aimed at orphaned youth s in particularly
disadvantaged economic conditions.

Through CMC, girls and boys can take courses to become bartenders, waiters,
or cooks. CMC’s activity is not limited to just providing the course but involves
all the players in the hospitality supply chain (managers of bars, restaurants,
and hotels) in a continuous series of meetings so that job supply and demand
can meet and become opportunities. effective for youths.