Report december 2022

In December 2022, from the 1st to the 26th, we went back to Nepal to verify the situation of our activities in 2022 and the potential of the ideas planned for 2023.

We found a reality in further rapid transformation compared to the previous trip in May 2022 and, thanks to the considerable expansion of our personal network, we were able to deepen (a minimum) knowledge of the many facets of Nepali society.

The impact of the pandemic (before) and the general increase in world prices (immediately after) has been remarkable: official data of tourists’ presence reports a 50% less than in 2019, even if something is moving on and potentially the country is rea dy to welcome again tourists as in pre pandemic period.

In the meantime, however, among people of different social background and level of education, the need to leave Nepal to work abroad seems urgent.

This massive emigration creates consequences on families who rarely are able to face long term separations without breaking up and on the society, which is going to lose its historical cohesion, also because of the impact of new technologies and socia l networks, even more devastating than here in the West.
We have decided to support training projects that allow young people, and those people who work for us, to acquire skills to be spent at any time and in any context.

You will find our report in the following pages.

The Kindergarten

The children of the “second course”, 2022, are ending their school year in a crescendo of activities and discoveries thanks to the work of our teachers and the caregiver.

Aasha, in the photos with the blue fleece, began an ECEC (Early Child Education Centre) training paid by CampoBase to certify her skills as a kindergarten teacher (for more information on ECEC:


The benefits of the first session she attended were immediate for our children: new games, new educational experiences, and lots of fun.

The children of the oncoming “third course”, that we will host in our Kindergarten starting from April 2023, will therefore find the best conditions for a warm welcoming, a very good care and certified educational activities.

A visit to the Kathmandu Zoo!

The visit to the Kathmandu Zoo was a Christmas gift to our children and teachers from all CampoBase’s supporters and their donations.

Accompanied by some volunteers, students from the school in which our kindergarten is hosted, they all spent a unique and exciting day outdoor, discovering animals never seen before and playing games.

CampoBase & Apeiron in Nepal


For the period 2022-2024, CAMPOBASE will finance a part of UN FUTURO PER OGNI BAMBINO (A FUTURE FOR EACH CHILD), a big project conceived by APEIRON and followed locally by APEIRON IN NEPAL.

In Nepal, government schools provide only one teacher every 30 children, regardless of their age. In remote areas, schools are usually built on the top of a hill, so they can be reached by children from villages scattered on the sides of nearby mountains, even after hours of walking.


The distance from villages and schools poorly manned by teachers, often poorly paid and worse prepared, are two of the most important factors of school dropout, a real scourge difficult to eradicate in a society where it is hardly natural that even children participate in the family economy, working in the fields or caring for yaks, goats or cows, instead of going to school.

We will follow this project until the end of 2024 so that the children of the Kindergartens of the two schools Shree Chandi Basic School (Bhojpur District) and Shree Kamrang Basic School (Dhading District), can have – continuously – a teacher who takes care of them to learn, play and eat in a safe and appropriate environment.



In the picture above, behind the CampoBase’s t-shirt, Chandrawati Aryal, the teacher paid thanks to your donations, who’s taking care of the Kindergarten’s children at the Shree Kamrang Basic School (District of Dhading), school that we had the opportunity to visit in person together with Poonam Gurung, the project manager.

Barista Training


The feedback from the 10 scholarships funded in September was not as exciting as the one funded in March: the guys we talked to in December 2022 seemed less motivated and – in an inconclusive and confusing way – still looking for some more “help” from us.

We analysed the causes of what happened, finding a process of selection of candidates much less careful and accurate than before.

The fact that the training was totally free, has evidently (in this case) not been a good idea for a real involvement and engagement of the candidates.



This observation has led us to imagine corrective measures for the 2 future courses planned for 2023: first of all, a more scrupulous and effective selection process (just as it was done in the first training, in May 2022), able so to identify the best candidates, in order to offer a real opportunity for change and improvement.

To encourage individual motivation, the 2 trainings planned during 2023 will no longer be 100% free but they will be paid in a percentage assessed as appropriate to the possibilities and need of the candidate to take charge.

Finally, applicants will be informed that they will have to prove they have completed both the theoretical training and the practical part – with commitment and good results in the judgements of teachers and tutors – to obtain the certification and financial coverage provided by the scholarship.

This will no longer be “automatic”.


CampoBase, Sofia Goggia & Christmas Lottery
Taekwondo Project

Sofia Goggia firma il suo casco per la nostra lotteria di Natale 2022

Even for 2023, this project will be financed by allocating a part of the money raised thanks to our Christmas lottery and your donations.

A good result for all of us and especially for the children of the Phoenix House that can keep on following taekwondo and participate in the competitions that – usually – see them as winners.

Discipline, passion, self-control, performance and sacrifice, all things belonging to sport and real life.

Our children of the Kindergarten were the starring of the draw of the winning number of the Christmas Lottery by CampoBase, with the helmet signed by Sofia Goggia as a prize.

Her generosity and that of our supporters have allowed us to collect 2040.15€, which will be entirely invested in the activities of the association planned for 2023.


In the picture above, the boys of the Phoenix House, after the traditional chicken momo party (momo are like Chinese ravioli) – much loved especially by children and young people – and coca cola offered by all of us from CampoBase: we see them with the basketball gifted by one of our supporters; it is not always and only time of martial arts!


Necha School Project

As written in May, we provided a laptop for the students of the school of Necha: the laptop continues to work perfectly and is really very useful for educational activities.

The second part of the project, which had to focus on issues related to women’s empowerment, has encountered considerable difficulties of implementation, typical of when operating in a remote area. The budget has been promptly allocated to the payment of the ECEC training that Aasha, our kindergarten teacher, is attending in Kathmandu (see above in the KINDERGARDEN section).

In agreement with our counterpart, we decided to suspend for the moment this second part of the project. There is no shortage of ideas, but we will take all the time necessary to find the right people, on site, to follow and manage it properly. Stay tuned!


The Music Room

The Music Room project that we have dealt with in these 2 years, providing for the purchase of musical instruments, the “construction” and preparation of the room itself, and the payment of the music teacher’s salary, will now be taken over by the private school where our Kindergarten is housed, the Himali Boarding School.

The idea behind CampoBase projects is to offer opportunities and provide the necessary tools to make them real: following our principles, when the conditions of “necessity” no longer exist, the projects must proceed with their own legs, for a matter of responsibility of those who are part of them.

The music room is a beautiful project, born from an idea shared with the school and put into practice starting from an empty room. It will still be followed by CampoBase, who will continue to take care of the maintenance of the instruments in the room today and their efficiency.

Sofia Goggia and our 2022 Christmas Lottery!

Thanks to the donations from our supporters, we raised
€ 2040.15!
An exceptional result, achieved through your generosity
and that of our Champion,
who gifted us her autographed helmet.

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