Report May - June 2022


On May 8th, we returned to Kathmandu to look on the projects launched in our previous trip in December 2021 – January 2022.

Almost a month, full of meetings and emotions with the “new” children of the Kindergarten, the Campobase Band and the Music Room, the guys who followed our Barista Trainings and the mini champions of Taekwondo.

It has been a useful time to point out the current projects, to deepen contacts with local associations with which we collaborate and to create new ones.

The projects will always follow the guidelines of our Statute: child education and help to women plus sport and music, as important corollaries to the education of children.

Below, a summary of the latest news.


Our Kindergarten

Opened on February 16, 2021, our Kindergarten has finished its first year of life and has “graduated” the first 15 children.

Many of them are attending the school where we operate and have started the first year of “Pre-school”; it is no coincidence to see them around our Kindergarten, because it seems to be much more fun than going to school!

We then welcomed 15 new children thanks to Aasha, Alisha and Sapana, the two teachers and the caregiver who take care of them.

We have further implemented and organized the teaching material of the Kindergarten: now, everything is neatly placed in a fantastic cabinet built on commission by our friend Gagan.


We decided – and immediately activated – a free service of paediatrics, with at least two visits per year guaranteed by Dr
Saroj Karki.

The first visit allowed us
to have a precise picture of all the new children who will attend the kindergarten, with useful data such as age, stature, weight and other anthropometric measures, in order to follow their growth and development.

Another result – immediate – is to teach children the basics of oral hygiene, buying for them toothbrushes and toothpaste that they keep in the Kindergarten and use after lunch.

A new vacuum cleaner lightens the work of the teachers at the end of the day and makes it possible to keep the kindergarten in perfect condition when the children have returned home.

Contrary to what was foreseen and written in the previous report and for organizational reasons not dependent on our will, at the moment it is not possible to activate the food service for children, who eat what is prepared at home by their parents: this is a critical issue that we are considering how to resolve.

The Music Room

The MUSIC ROOM continues to be a success and an essential meeting point for girls and boys who attend the school, a privileged place to sing or learn to play a musical instrument.

This month, we had the opportunity to listen to the girls and the boys who attend the music room and share with them the passion for music and singing.

Just as we write, they are working on the new anthem of the school that hosts the Music Room, set to music by Sagar, our music teacher and written by some teachers and students at the school: we cannot wait to hear it!

We checked the instruments and equipment again (in a very good state of preservation, actually) and fixed the third guitar, which can now be regularly used for music sessions.

CampoBase, Cocina Mitho Chha
Barista Trainings

During 2022, CampoBase and Cocina Mitho Chha (CMC) signed an agreement that provided for the sponsorship of 10 Barista Trainings imagining – as our Statute – to be able to offer this opportunity especially to girls.

We had the opportunity and the pleasure to meet them (6 of them, in the photos above), talk with them and find out that everyone has already found a job at the end of the course, some continuously, others occasionally.

We have therefore decided to finance another 10 scholarships for as many future baristas, who will attend the next Barista Training. They will start next September, in time for the peak of the tourist season, which is usually between October and early December.

CampoBase, Apeiron in Nepal
Barista Training



Apeiron is an Italian NGO based in Cesena and has in Casa Nepal its sister that, for many years, works to help women victims of domestic violence – and their children.

When the women have finished their “journey” in Casa Nepal and it is the time comes to come back to society, it may be useful a Kindergarten like ours to take care of their children, so we guaranteed them the welcome in our structure, free of charge.

Apeiron in Nepal is responsible for following even older children who have seen growing and helped in moments of difficulty they or their families.

With Casa Nepal, CampoBase has signed an agreement thanks to which two of these young people (Ojasbi and Rajendra, with us in the upper left) were able to participate – for free – in the Barista Trainings organized in March 2022 by Cocina Mitho Chha.

The decisions taken in January 2022 were immediately translated into real projects.

Sport to Sport
CampoBase, Sofia Goggia and our Christmas Lottery:
the Taekwondo Project

A fundamental step of our travels in Nepal is the visit to Khem and its former street boys, most of them Taekwondo champions.

The “excuse” is a momo-party for everyone, but the real reason is to continue to support the sports activities for the boys of Khem.

Four of them have just graduated black belt with Korean certification, which will allow them to compete and possibly teach Taekwondo anywhere in the world.

An exceptional result, whose CampoBase will give again its contribution for the next year, also thanks to the interest of Sofia Goggia: our champion has in fact guaranteed her support for the next Christmas lottery 2022, through which we hope to collect the amount necessary to finance the course of Taekwondo for 2023.

Necha School Project

We have purchased a computer for computer literacy of the students at the school of the village of Necha: it works perfectly and is very useful to educational activities and students.

The second part of the project – always one shot – will focus on issues related to the empowerment of women in the village.