Sport to Sport
CampoBase, Sofia Goggia and our Christmas Lottery:
the Taekwondo Project

May - June 2022

A fundamental step of our travels in Nepal is the visit to Khem and its former street boys, most of them Taekwondo champions.

The “excuse” is a momo-party for everyone, but the real reason is to continue to support the sports activities for the boys of Khem.

Four of them have just graduated black belt with Korean certification, which will allow them to compete and possibly teach Taekwondo anywhere in the world.

An exceptional result, whose CampoBase will give again its contribution for the next year, also thanks to the interest of Sofia Goggia: our champion has in fact guaranteed her support for the next Christmas lottery 2022, through which we hope to collect the amount necessary to finance the course of Taekwondo for 2023.

December 2021 - january 2022

Khem is a former street boy, now thirty five who, sponsored at the time by a Swiss woman, was able to study and redeem himself.

Now, he takes care of a dozen ex street children and you ng people, to whom he guarantees studies, care, and access to sport.

Among his children there are some champions of taekwondo, a martial art widely practiced in Nepal and very useful for learning self discipline and increasing their self esteem.
Khem’s children have a “private” instructor, so as not to be discriminated against, as unfortunately happened when they attended a “normal” gym and reap success after success in exams that allow them to pass from one colour belt to another or other certifications.


Thanks to the funds raised through the CampoBase Christmas lottery, which, as a coveted first prize, had the t shirt autographed for us by the very generous Sofia Goggia, we can take care of the payment of the Taekwondo instructor for the whole of 2022, to guarantee children the possibility of continuing to train and compete.