Necha School Project
December 2022

As written in May, we provided a laptop for the students of the school of Necha: the laptop continues to work perfectly and is really very useful for educational activities.

The second part of the project, which had to focus on issues related to women’s empowerment, has encountered considerable difficulties of implementation, typical of when operating in a remote area. The budget has been promptly allocated to the payment of the ECEC training that Aasha, our kindergarten teacher, is attending in Kathmandu (see above in the KINDERGARDEN section).

In agreement with our counterpart, we decided to suspend for the moment this second part of the project. There is no shortage of ideas, but we will take all the time necessary to find the right people, on site, to follow and manage it properly. Stay tuned!


May - June 2022

We have purchased a computer for computer literacy of the students at the school of the village of Necha: it works perfectly and is very useful to educational activities and students.

The second part of the project – always one shot – will focus on issues related to the empowerment of women in the village.

At the moment, we are not yet able to give you all the details specifically, but we will certainly keep you updated.


December 2021 - january 2022

report associazione campobase

We met Saroj Katel, owner of Corporate Adventure Treks, in May 2018, during our first trip to Nepal.
Originally from Necha, a village in the Solulkhumbu District, the southernmost part of the Khumbu valley and on the road leading to Everest Base Camp, he
involved us as main sponsor in a one shot aid project at the school he attended until 16 years old.

report associazione campobase

In the spirit of CampoBase, whose projects are based on the real needs of the beneficiaries, Saroj interfaced with the Principal of the Shree Kalika Primary School and the local authorities, identifying for 2022 two lines of

report associazione campobase

– The purchase of a PC f or students’ computer literacy and to be prepared for a further period of distance learning, considering the emergence of new cases of the Omicron variant in Nepal as well.

– A one shot project made by the women of the village for their empowerment.