The Music Room
December 2022

The Music Room project that we have dealt with in these 2 years, providing for the purchase of musical instruments, the “construction” and preparation of the room itself, and the payment of the music teacher’s salary, will now be taken over by the private school where our Kindergarten is housed, the Himali Boarding School.

The idea behind CampoBase projects is to offer opportunities and provide the necessary tools to make them real: following our principles, when the conditions of “necessity” no longer exist, the projects must proceed with their own legs, for a matter of responsibility of those who are part of them.

The music room is a beautiful project, born from an idea shared with the school and put into practice starting from an empty room. It will still be followed by CampoBase, who will continue to take care of the maintenance of the instruments in the room today and their efficiency.

May - june 2022

The MUSIC ROOM continues to be a success and an essential meeting point for girls and boys who attend the school, a privileged place to sing or learn to play a musical instrument.

This month, we had the opportunity to listen to the girls and the boys who attend the music room and share with them the passion for music and singing.

Just as we write, they are working on the new anthem of the school that hosts the Music Room, set to music by Sagar, our music teacher and written by some teachers and students at the school: we cannot wait to hear it!

We checked the instruments and equipment again (in a very good state of preservation, actually) and fixed the third guitar, which can now be regularly used for music sessions.

December 2021 - january 2022


Form its opening in September 2021, a few days after our
departure in August, the MUSIC ROOM immediately proved to be a success and an essential meeting point for girls and boys who attend school, a privileged place where
they can sing or learn to play a musical instrument.

The most obvious result, but certainly not the only one to underline, is the formation of the CampoBase Band by 5 of them: the chosen name winks at us, but the project really warms the heart.

Among the girls attending the Music Room, three of them are rehearsing for a vocal trio, accompanied by Sagar, our music teacher.


With Sagar, we checked the instruments and equipment (all in excellent condition) and purchased a set of new strings for the third guitar.

We will meet each other in March for an online me
eting to evaluate results and further purchases of material and tools.

August - september 2021

La Sala Musica

And here it is, the Music Room, a new project that started in the early days of September.

La Sala Musica

The Music Room, a former abandoned “reading room”, has been completely emptied and cleaned up.

La Sala Musica

The books were dusted off, divided by subject and conveniently placed in another classroom.

La Sala Musica
La Sala Musica

Now, the reading room has returned to its original splendor. The Music Room, suitably soundproofed with cardboard and egg cups and embellished with a beautiful and colorful “graffiti on sheet”, hosts the music lessons that Sagar gives to the students of the school, but also to whom, in the neighborhood, is interested.

La Sala Musica

And on September 2nd, the first lessons began, as promised!

The idea now is to organize a nice end-of-year live concert with all the girls and boys who will attend the music lessons playing on stage. It will be great!

The CampoBase Band

La CampoBase Band

The CampoBase Band was formed thanks to the Music Room and Sagar’s lessons. Here they play in the schoolyard on the occasion of the birthday of one of the students.

La CampoBase Band

The CampoBase Band listing the songs to play live.

La CampoBase Band

The rehearsals of the CampoBase Band are going on. We can’t wait to hear them live, probably in December. Stay tuned!