Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza Foundation
Italian Barista Training


In 2023, Campobase Association was able to grant 21 scholarships (27/12/2023) thanks to the Fondazione Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza.

It is a collaboration with a very prestigious institution, which has the name of a historical brand, known and appreciated all over the world.

With Debendra Pokharel, CEO of Cocina Mitho Ccha, the social company of Kathmandu that manages with us the courses of Barista Training – now Italian Barista Training – we have worked to refine the selection techniques and make our action as effective as possible in awarding scholarships to really deserving girls and boys.



We are proud to announce that 7 of the 14 boys and girls who attended the Italian Barista Training in May 2023 have found work, most of them, abroad.

The trainings last a month and a half, 2 weeks of training at Cocina Mitho Ccha and a month of internships at bars and restaurants associated with the project.


In the 2 trips of July and December 2023, we had the opportunity to expand and deepen our contacts – local and international. Currently the Nepalese (young and old) have as their main desire to emigrate elsewhere and we have taken further note: the possibility of emigrating is one of the main – and most heartfelt – topics of conversation.

Japan and Canada are the most popular destinations, followed by the Arab countries. The thing that struck us most is that the idea of emigrating in order to be able to make that qualitative leap in society that in their own country seems so difficult – if not impossible – is also proper to people with university education, good work and excellent knowledge of English.

We thought about this at length, because the initial idea of our scholarships was that the students could then work in Nepal. However, the purpose of Association campobase is to offer an opportunity to young and needed people to improve their skills – or have new ones – regardless of the path they will choose for their future.

December 2022

Barista Training


The feedback from the 10 scholarships funded in September was not as exciting as the one funded in March: the guys we talked to in December 2022 seemed less motivated and – in an inconclusive and confusing way – still looking for some more “help” from us.

We analysed the causes of what happened, finding a process of selection of candidates much less careful and accurate than before.

The fact that the training was totally free, has evidently (in this case) not been a good idea for a real involvement and engagement of the candidates.



This observation has led us to imagine corrective measures for the 2 future courses planned for 2023: first of all, a more scrupulous and effective selection process (just as it was done in the first training, in May 2022), able so to identify the best candidates, in order to offer a real opportunity for change and improvement.

To encourage individual motivation, the 2 trainings planned during 2023 will no longer be 100% free but they will be paid in a percentage assessed as appropriate to the possibilities and need of the candidate to take charge.

Finally, applicants will be informed that they will have to prove they have completed both the theoretical training and the practical part – with commitment and good results in the judgements of teachers and tutors – to obtain the certification and financial coverage provided by the scholarship.

This will no longer be “automatic”.


CampoBase, Cocina Mitho Chha
Barista Trainings

May - June 2022

During 2022, CampoBase and Cocina Mitho Chha (CMC) signed an agreement that provided for the sponsorship of 10 Barista Trainings imagining – as our Statute – to be able to offer this opportunity especially to girls.

We had the opportunity and the pleasure to meet them (6 of them, in the photos above), talk with them and find out that everyone has already found a job at the end of the course, some continuously, others occasionally.

We have therefore decided to finance another 10 scholarships for as many future baristas, who will attend the next Barista Training. They will start next September, in time for the peak of the tourist season, which is usually between October and early December.

December 2021 - january 2022


For this 2022, CampoBase and Cocina Mitho Chha (CMC) have signed an
agreement that will provide for the sponsorship of 8 Barista Trainings,
imagining as per our Statute to be able to offer this opportunity especially
to girls.
Cocina Mitho Chha is a Nepalese organization that deals with specific training
related to catering and is aimed at orphaned youth s in particularly
disadvantaged economic conditions.

Through CMC, girls and boys can take courses to become bartenders, waiters,
or cooks. CMC’s activity is not limited to just providing the course but involves
all the players in the hospitality supply chain (managers of bars, restaurants,
and hotels) in a continuous series of meetings so that job supply and demand
can meet and become opportunities. effective for youths.